Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Saturday Eggstravaganza

Our local Down Syndrome Guild puts together some really great events. This past Saturday they hosted their Eggstravaganza complete with Under the Big Top Circus themed show, games and the Easter bunny. Although we weren't quite brave enough to take pictures with the Easter bunny (and to be honest I'm slightly terrified myself of adults in animal costumes), all of our kids really enjoyed the show. Unfortunately for my husband, I couldn't get enough of all the adorable new babies with Down Syndrome. They were beyond cute! I can't tell you how sad it makes me when I think about my own kids alone as babies. If only I could have gotten to them sooner! Anyhow here are some pics from our day of fun. Thankfully the event was right BEFORE the winter storm that hit our area AGAIN. Who's ready for Spring?!?

          Having SO much fun!!!

 Sitting with Daddy for the big show

 Serious Fun

 Haddy and Ana watched intently!

Wow Mom!

Clapping hands

 Ana loved every bit of the "magic" show

 My boys!

 Even Eli loved it, which is saying something because he is NOT a fan of large group settings

Sweet, sweet big sister - dressed up like Tinkerbell with rain boots and a sweater!

Tomorrow morning I am attending another program from our Down Syndrome Guild on adapting curriculum for children with Down Syndrome. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have resources like this available. It truly is invaluable, especially as a homeschooling parent. The time out of the house alone will be nice too, I'm not gonna lie. ;)

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